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kosmischer Himmel

The Story of

The Way of Memories


Dunkle Felsen

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We are in the year 2134, and after a brutal Third World War, humanity was wiped out from the face of the earth. The world was then subjected to a stringent system to prevent any rebellion, leaving humans with almost no rights and under constant surveillance by drones and enforcers. I wanted to put an end to it all, so I went on a search to find a way to enter a new world where everyone is equal, forming the LineXUnity. To find this world, I discovered a portal in an abandoned cave, surrounded by six hieroglyphs. Three of them were blue and symbolized goodness, kindness, and unity, while the other three symbols glowed red and represented courage, strength, and trust, generating a unified peace. I knew that this portal couldn't fall into the system's hands, so I decided to hide it and encrypt all clues to form and unite my unity before embarking on the Way of Memories through the portal.

Dunkle Felsen

To form unity, I decided to start a rebellion to overthrow the system. To put this plan into action, I programmed a virus to block the system's headquarters. I activated the virus at the system's headquarters but couldn't finish it alone, so I had to flee. I was then pursued and went into hiding, knowing that I couldn't change anything alone, so I hid the clues for the portal. At that point, I was lost and waited for the right moment to form unity.

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