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Dunkle Felsen


I'm LineArt, a Swiss EDM DJ and music producer.

I produce melodic songs in the areas of house, hands-up music and especially in the area of ​​melodic house. I am 22 years old and was born on February 11th, 2001.

I produce music not only for myself but for my soul because I can process things from my past. With my music I also want to open the eyes of all people who feel alone and so that they shouldn't compare themselves with others but must look at themselves. My message is: that I go my way and not take the path that everyone sees in me. And being alone is very hard and very lonely and therefore make sure that you can go your way together with your loved ones. This is my way and the way of LineXUnity.

Dunkle Felsen

My Story

"I started with music in 2010, began with drums and then learned to play piano. In 2012, I heard "Faded" by Alan Walker for the first time and that song touched my heart and pulled me out of a deep hole. Since then, Alan Walker has been my idol and role model. In 2013, I became interested in film music and started composing digital orchestral pieces. In 2015, I moved away from film music and wanted to be like Alan Walker, so I started making EDM music. I was very enthusiastic from the beginning and quickly found my musical direction, which was house music. After military service in 2020, I began DJing and now I'm at the point where I play my music. I want to touch people with my music and be a spark in the darkness. In 2022, I wrote a story called "The Way of Memories". In this story, I go back to my childhood where I was alone and with this story, I want to be a light on the path of memories."

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