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Dunkle Felsen





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The best community in the world, you give me such great feedback and I am happy if my music can be a light of hope for you in the dark. Not only do I make my music to give myself hope, but more importantly to bond you guys together and spread a message and show that you are not alone. Everyone is welcome here who can stand up for others and give a light, so we are the LineXUnity

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The Way of Memories

Follow the Way of Memories, into a new world, into the world of LineXUnity. I make music to bring people together and here in Unity everyone is equal and no one is alone. Everyone helps each other and when the music is heard everyone is equal and not alone.

kosmischer Himmel
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Vor dem Gig
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TUBE BANNER SUMMERVIEBSE web_edited_edited.png

I really have to say thank you to a few people for making this possible in the first place.  I would like to thank my great team and especially my co producer. I would like to thank all the singers who support me vocally in a way that I cannot put into words. I thank my label ArcadeMusicStudio for doing such a great job. And I thank you because without you my music cannot be heard and you are the light in the dark!


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